Aviation Safety is at a Turning Point …

With new safety standards being set internationally, and in review domestically, understanding and embracing the role of the safety management system is crucial.

Air Safety Group offers expert guidance and insights into aviation safety management systems and safety assurance programs.

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AvSMS® - The Best SMS Software

Manage your SMS, don't let it manage you!

AvSMS® is a "smart," web-based application designed to assist you with the implementation and continued management of your Aviation Safety Management System.

AvSMS is much more than a simple electronic version of compliance templates. AvSMS is a structured safety process that is flexible, powerful and scalable. It includes all the tools needed for a complete Safety Management System.

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Managed SMS Services

Managed Safety & Compliance Solution

With Air Safety Group's Managed SMS Services, we do all the SMS heavy lifting.

In effect, Air Safety Group becomes your safety department, which allows you to concentrate on your primary purposes and tasks.

Learn how you can benefit from your professional and cost-effective alternative to in-house resources.

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